Cartographies of memory and affect: Nomadic subjectivities

This visual essay maps an event, the lines of affect produced through the interconnections between memory/time, space/place, and the virtual/actual. The assemblage begins in the middle of these interconnections: lines of text interwoven with intensity and affect. As posthuman theory urges researchers to consider subjectivity as unbounded and nomadic, a process of becoming with the world, this article takes up artsbased methods to map and inquire into the flows between death and becoming as a generative, embodied, and productive process. This article suggests the methodological possibilities for arts-based analysis and inquiry to engage the entangled materiality of the posthuman present.

Flint, M. (2018). Cartographies of memory and affect: Nomadic subjectivities. Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal, 3(2), 6-19. Retrieved from: